Hope and Optimism
for Palestinians in
the Next Generation

An Evening of Culture for Palestinian Rights
Amnesty International Rights Centre, London
'An Evening of Culture for Palestinian Rights'

On Saturday July 17th the Lajee Center from Aida Refugee Camp Lajee will showcase a range of their cultural productions alongside other Palestinians performers and speakers at the Amnesty Internation Rights Centre in London. Hoping works closely with the Lajee Center and is delighted that this important grassroots organisation has the opportunity to show the work they do.

Lajee’s Dabka Troupe, which features boys and girls aged between 12-17, will perform their own rhythmic and passionate choreographed tributes to Palestine and its people, and Nizar al-Issa will perform music resonating with the flavours of the homeland. A new photographic exhibition which marks the ‘New Beginnings’ of 4 promising young artists from Aida Refugee Camp – Mohammad al-Azza, Kholoud Ajarma, Shorouk As’ad, and Miras Al Azzeh – will be hung in the reception room where drinks and food will be served, and short films produced by Lajee Center Arts & Media Unit will also be screened during the evening. Hoping Trustee, Karma Nabulsi, will also take part in the event.

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