Hope and Optimism
for Palestinians in
the Next Generation

Educational Programmes, Youth Associations
Gaza, Occupied Palestine
Hoping sponsored a number of educational programmes run in youth associations in refugee camps in Gaza in 2008:

Future Society for Development & Environment
- Using the internet and computers, children were taught about ways to protect the environment. From their own research, they then created a newsletter about the issue.

Al Daraj Camp
- The Women's Programs Centre has established a computer centre where they have held training courses for women, children, and young people.

Nseirat Camp
- Hoping sponsored a Cinema Cultural Club at the local Women's Centre, which shows films on a range of issues and themes. They are followed by a series of discussion sessions about the films and the production of a monthly magazine addressing the issues raised.

Deir al Balah Camp
- Various activities were held to educate and entertain women and their children. For example first aid courses, food storage advice, and art workshops. Lectures and meetings were also arranged on different aspects of culture.

Al Shati' Camp
- Al Shati’ and Beit Hanoun Women’s Activity Centres have shown screenings of educational and documentary films and have organised a series of follow up discussion sessions.