Hope and Optimism
for Palestinians in
the Next Generation

Infrastructural support of Youth Activity centres
West Bank, occupied Palestine
A number of Youth Associations in the West Bank refugee camps needed infrastructural repair or support in purchasing equipment:

Qalandia Camp
- The Local Committee for Rehabilitation has renovated its centre, which supports children with special needs, speech, and learning difficulties.

Shu’fat Camp
- With a Hoping grant, the local Women's Centre established a library, buying new books, dictionaries and encyclopaedias as well as some essential computer equipment

Al Dheisheh Camp
- Infrastructural support was needed in the YAC and they have been able to refurbish the hall and install a toilet.
- Maintenance and renovation work was carried out in the centre and a grant has enabled then to purchase furniture, administrative and computer equipment, so that activities in the centre can be resumed.
- Also in Dheisheh, the local Youth Activity Centre has purchased sports equipment and art materials for the centre’s activities.

Tulkarem Camp
- Equipping the centre’s hall with 35 tables, 250 plastic chairs and other small pieces of furniture. The hall is used for a variety of activities for the children in the camp.

Camp No 1, Nablus
- Equipping the special needs unit of the Local Committee for Rehabilitation Centre with furniture, computer equipment and stationary. The program supports 42 children with speech and learning disabilities. Workshops have also been held at the Youth Centre in which young Palestinians aged between 16-25 years old were trained in management, communication, networking, and community outreach. The group attempted to both identify and address the various needs of the community. At the end of the training the centre held open days to meet with various groups in the camp and promote the concept of voluntary work.

Deir Ammar Camp
- With a Hoping Grant, the Deir Ammar YAC was able to finish their library and equip it with books, internet connection, a VCR, television and telephone

Al Fawwar Camp
- The Social Rehabilitation Society has renovated and repainted the playground, used by 250 local children between 5-7 years old, 40 of whom have special needs.

General Union of Youth Activity Centres
- With a Hoping grant, the UYAC has made 17 wooden platforms to be used during public meetings and events.

Aida Camp
- The Youth Centre in Aida Camp helped build a 10m long key to be placed above the gateway of the camp facing the separation wall. They are hoping to enter this key into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest key. HOPING has supported the work painting the names of all the Palestinian villages lost in 1948 onto the key.

Jalazone Camp
- The centre has equipped their main hall, and can now hold workshops, meetings, and film screenings there. This grant has included installation of electricity, painting of walls, and furniture.

Beit Sahour Camp
- The centre is installing new windows and doors, a kitchen, a sewage system, and electricity.

Nour Shams Camp
- 30 tables, 250 chairs, and a host of other equipment have been aquired by the centre in order to hold meetings and workshops iin the centre.