Hope and Optimism
for Palestinians in
the Next Generation

Creative activities in Youth associations
Gaza, occupied Palestine
We supported a number of art activities in Youth Associations in 2008:

General Union of Youth Activity Centres
- Theatre training was offered to young Palestinians who produced a play for their friends and families.

Abna'ona Development Society
- Classes in creative drawing were held throughout the summer months. The drawings were displayed in an exhibition.

Filasteen el Ghad
- Theatre workshops and games were held for local children

Afkar Society for Development
- Hoping supported theatre workshops and the production of a play about human rights for youth.

Palestine Forum Centre for Society Development
- Workshops, film screenings and discussion groups were offered to young Palestinians

Jabalia Camp
- Hoping has supported art and music activities for children as well as loom training for young women in Jabalia Women & Community Empowerment Project

- Jabalia Free Homeland Society established a small children’s library and purchased costumes for their dakba dance group.
- Activities such as dakba, drawing, and craft workshops were provided for children at the Jabalia Women's Centre.