Hope and Optimism
for Palestinians in
the Next Generation

Creative activities in Youth associations
Gaza, occupied Palestine
Hoping continues to support the Youth Activity Centres (YACs) throughout the occupied West Bank & Gaza. In coordination with the Union of Youth Activity Centres (UYAC), we have supported a range of activities and projects. Support went towards art and music workshops, skills training, as well as building up the infrastructure of the centres themselves. The work HOPING has supported in 2007 includes:

Jabalia Camp Women's Activities Centre
- Equipment and supplies for a theatre workshop, costumes and stage supplies for a new Dabka troupe, and handicraft workshops for youth aged 15-25.

Maghazi Camp Youth Cultural Centre
- Equipment for arts and social activities for children from 6 to 18 years old. This included tables and chairs, art paper, paints, a computer and camera, and educational toys.

Shati Camp Youth Activity Centre
- Holding youth workshops on tolerance, democracy and the rule of law